24 hour food waste recycling machines

Maturity signs of W2D Compost Good Compost

To ensure that you develop a rich and mature compost, we recommend that the W2D household machine runs for approximately two days before scooping out the compost. After the two days you can scoop out half of the compost into a container. This can either be used immediately in your garden or sealed and stored for later use. The amount of mature compost generated will be determined by the household size and food waste volume.

Checklist to determine compost readiness:
  • The original food waste is no longer recognisable
  • The volume of waste has shrunk in the chamber
  • The compost will have a dark colour and an earthy odour *
  • The compost will be cooler and drier

* Please, remember that the colour and odour depends on the food waste. For example, if you added left-over curry it may be more yellow in colour and if you added thyme twigs, the compost may have an aroma of thyme.

Images of compost stages. Top tub contains immature compost. Left tub contains immature compost with a darker colour, but with recognisable pieces of food. Right tub contains a dark, fine compost. Ready for use in gardens.