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The dirty science of a good compost Compost Maturity

Household waste can be grouped into three categories, namely:

Green waste
... is all our fresh produce, dairy, carbohydrates, processed foods and proteins and is very high in Nitrogen. Basically, everything that you can bite through and digest.

Brown waste
... is all paper (used paper cups, newspaper and egg tray cartons) and untreated wood products and contains a high level of Carbon.

Neutral waste
... is egg shells and bones. It contains a high level of trace elements, but it has little influence on the Nitrogen: Carbon ratio.

To produce a rich, good quality compost you need a perfect 1:1 balance of Nitrogen to Carbon. Too much carbon and decomposition slows down. Too much nitrogen and the compost smell will scare even the walking dead!

The W2D household compost machine will help you to develop a good quality compost with little effort and you don’t have to worry about the ratio. The W2D starter compost does that for you. It is formulated to eliminate odours, to release carbon and to reduce food volume. All you need to do is to add Green waste and some water!

Neutral Green (Nitrogen) Brown (Carbon)