24 hour food waste recycling machines

Diary of a machine

How does our machine work

Nature knows how to make compost, we are simply helping nature to do it faster. Our machine does not make any special compost, or change the rules of nature, we simply put the food waste in an environment that speeds up the composting process.

You install the machine in your house and add food waste until it is full, then remove part (2/3) of the compost, and fill it up again. You normally remove 2/3 of the compost, once every month or two months.


5-kg machine

When you install the machine, three actions are required:

  • Plug the machine power cord safely and securely into a standard mains plug.
  • Make sure the ventilation pipe is extracting air to the outside, either through a hole in the wall or window. (We will do all the work for you when we install the machine, or you can do it yourself.)
  • Add the starter batch with the essential microbes to start the composting process.
You do not have to change any settings on the machine. It comes with the optimal settings already programmed.

Once the machine is working and the air pipe is neatly fitted, you add the starter batch to your machine. First, add 1 liter of water to the pre-mix starter batch and work the water through the pre-mix starter batch. It is safe to use your hands. The water activates the microbes in the pre-mix batch. Now, simply lift the lid and throw the mixed batch into the bin, close it and leave it for 24-hours to activate.

You can then safely start to add your food waste. During the fist two weeks of running the machine in your home, start with a maximum of 1 kg on the first day and gradually build up to the maximum of 5 kg food waste.

Continued use

You do not have to remove anything from the bin, while starting the machine for the first two weeks. The process does the following: It will breakdown the food waste which will release water vapour and carbon dioxide. The water vapour, wil condensate on the lid and fall back into the compost, while the carbon dioxide will be extracted from the system. This will go through a carbon filter to catch all the unwanted gasses released from the food waste. During this process, the waste volume could reduce by as much as 90%, depending on the waste type added.

Through the use of the machine in our homes, we found that you generally empty out the machine after 1 - 2 months of use, depending on the level of food waste generated. You take out two thirds (2/3) of the compost in the bin when it is full. This is done with the scoop that we supply with the machine. You can use your hands, as the microbes is not harmfull to humans. The machine is full, when either, you cannot see any of the aggitation arms or the motor is labouring to turn the compost in the machine.

We offer booster packs, if you feel that your machine is not producing compost optimally.

The process

When food is added to the machine, the machine will increase the temperature to eliminate harmful bacteria in the food waste. This process will happen everytime the lid is opened and closed. The temperature will then be regulated to create an optimal environment for the microbes to compost the food waste.

The machine is designed with intelligence in mind. If the lid does not open or the content is too dry, the machine will go into energy conservation mode. So if you are away on holiday, the machine will automatically conserve energy and you do not have to switch it off.